Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Avoid The Diet Trickery of Halloween Treats

Let's be honest for a second: Halloween is not about dressing up, spooky decorations or pumpkin carving. No, Halloween is about candy. The buildup to this weekend is a month in the making, with candies and chips stocking the shelves from October 1st, tempting both kiddies and parents alike. All this buildup just for one weekend where kids run rampant on sugar-highs and consume obscene amounts of candy then continue to do so until their supply runs out mid-November.

For the grown-ups it's even worse. We may be too old for trick or treating, but that doesn't mean there aren't Halloween treats at the office (and at home). We've got not only the candy, but also the spiked punch and Hors d'Ĺ“uvres to deal with followed by the treadmill and scale to fight with. In a 'supposedly' health-conscious society, there's something so defiantly tempting about rebelling and throwing everything we know about good health out the window. So how is one to cope?

Firstly, you can start by realizing that 'just saying no' is neither realistic nor a good option. When everyone around you is indulging and you hold back, you'll only feel worse and still sneak a few extra treats in later to compensate. The key here is moderation - pick and choose your absolute favourite treats and actually enjoy them, don't inhale them. And don't keep sticking your hand back into that candy bowl.

Next, if you're attending a party or just kicking back, limit yourself to only a few drinks at the most. 1-2 drinks a day is a safe, healthy recommendation for most people, but once you break that point, you are increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease and poor health. And no, you can't save all your drinks from Monday to Friday and 'use' them all this weekend! Unfortunately, it just doesn't work like that.

Also, there's no sense in eating or keeping 'cheap' candy around the house. If you need a treat, get yourself some high-quality dark chocolate and savour it! You'll eat less, you'll enjoy it and you'll feel good all over about your decision - trust us. There's nothing spooky about that!