Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secrets of the Fast Food World

The fast food industry has become much more transparent in recent years. What with displaying nutrition information and ingredients as well as some in-depth insights or documentaries outlining industry practices, we know a lot more about our fast food than we used to. But naturally, there are still lots of secrets out there that the food industry doesn't want us to know about. Well, you won't find that kind of intel here, but we do have the scoop on some 'secret' menu items you probably never knew existed at your favourite fast food chains.

Have you ever heard of a 'McKinley Mac' at McDonalds (AKA the 'bigger' Big Mac: a standard Big Mac, but with the patties from a Quarter Pounder), or a 'Red Tux Mocha' (a mix of white and dark chocolate mochas with raspberry syrup) at Starbucks? Or how about a 'barnyard sandwich' at Wendy's (a spicy chicken sandwich with ham, bacon and beef, layered with cheese)? If you haven't that's because they aren't on the menu. But don't worry, these guys are 'secret' menu items do exist, and the staff know about them, so you can totally order them.

So next time you hit up one of your favourite fast food chains, order one of these 'extra special' items and surprise your friends behind the counter. Better yet, ask them what they recommend and see if they don't just tell you about some other secret menu item you've never heard of! We're not suggesting this stuff is healthy by any means, but if you've got a craving and you're looking to try something new or different, this might be your answer!