Monday, October 25, 2010

Toronto's 'Weighty' Mayoral Race: Should Weight Be an Issue?

Obesity really is a hot topic, there's no denying it. It's easy to spin or spice up any story just by throwing obesity or weight-related issues into the mix. There have been all kinds of non-PC attempts to sensationalize obesity in the media recently (take for example the recent 'study' on whether 'fat' people are causing global warming), and Toronto's Mayoral race is no exception.

Now, I'm surprised I'm even commenting on this, but it's mostly because I feel it's so absurd. Recently, some newspapers and websites have been criticizing Toronto's Mayoral candidate Rob Ford in regards to his weight, and presumably judging his ability to act as Mayor as a result. I could potentially see how one might take Ford's ability (or inability) to manage his weight and extrapolate this to his ability to hold office, but let's be honest here - what does one have to do with the other? There truly are too many factors to consider as to why people are obese and it goes far beyond eating too much or not moving around enough.

Now, don't get me wrong - despite all this 'publicity' and criticism regarding Ford's weight, it's not hurting his chances at being Toronto's next mayor at all. In fact, it's giving him more hype and making his name appear in the headlines that much more. Like right now. But whatever the outcome may be, it really is important for Ford to get his weight in check in order to prevent the onset of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and almost ten different types of cancer. Ford really needs to set a good example of what a 'healthy' weight is for all Torontonians and all the world who watches Toronto's news or visits us. And it's our responsibility, in turn, to accept him how ever he is and not judge or jump to irrational conclusions about how he came to be in his current physical condition. But whenever he's ready, NIM is waiting!