Monday, November 8, 2010

Forget What They Say: Eat More Eggs!

My blood nearly boiled last week when I heard that Canadian researchers actually went so far as to suggest that KFC's Double Down Sandwich is better for you than eggs. It begs the question, how can an intelligent person be so...well - ignorant? Let me explain.

In their defense, perhaps they didn't outright express that you should go for a double down over an egg, but for most readers, that's the message that comes across. What they said was that one egg had more cholesterol and is worse for your cholesterol levels and heart attack risk than the double down sandwich. For those of you who aren't familiar, KFC’s Double Down sandwich is something of a food 'joke' if you will - the stuff college guys' dreams and doctors' nightmares. Basically, you've got two pieces of deep fried chicken feigning as buns, sandwiching bacon, sauce and cheese.

So based on these 'findings', the average reader might just read the headlines and assume that nature's most complete and 'perfect' food, a source of virtually every nutrient essential to mankind, with only 7g of fat and 75 calories per egg, is somehow inferior to a 540 calorie artery-clogging bomb that contains 32g fat and nearly 1400mg sodium (that value exceeds most new recommendations which suggest that between 1200-1500mg sodium per day is healthy). Right - no, that makes perfect sense.

In addition, the report released last week failed to mention the fact that most of the cholesterol that is circulating within our bodies was actually made there, most especially upon ingesting loads of fat and sugar. What does that mean? Realistically, upon ingesting a double down, your body will make lots more cholesterol than you will obtain by simply eating an egg.

So before you boycott eggs or think it might be wise to try the double down sandwich, I implore you to be a little wiser and look at all the (nutrition) facts, not just one point.