Sunday, December 12, 2010

Extreme Diet Makes Christian Bale Look Skeletal

Christian Bale is known for taking it to extremes for the sake of his movies. He has played a psychopath murderer, a ninja crime-fighting superhero and a futuristic robot killer just to name a few of his roles. But for a recent role as a drug addict, the normally buff and muscular Bale reduced his figure to that of a skeleton, an experience which he vows never to repeat again.

Surviving off of just one can of tuna and one apple a day (around 200 calories total), Bale put his body into a catabolic state, breaking down not only fat stores but nearly all of his muscle stores as well, which could put his life in serious danger. In total, he lost a whopping 60 pounds, which is extreme for someone who was a very healthy weight beforehand.

Regarding his experience, Bale said he had never felt more mentally calm, which is great, but this was only because he had no energy to do anything, which forced him to do a lot of meditation and reflection! He said "You just go beyond any bodily needs. Your energy gets to such a low point that it all just becomes mental. You felt like some sort of guru that could go sit on top of a mountain.". Despite this time of mental clarity and peace, he went on to say "Mentally, it does wonders, but I would never sacrifice the joys, the ups and the downs, the rollercoaster of life for that calmness. I'd rather be getting in there, getting involved and having it a bit more raw than that.". Not only that - his body and health will be in a far better state with actually eating normal amounts of food than it ever could be with surviving on just 200 calories a day!