Friday, December 3, 2010

Fit Fergie Shares Diet and Exercise Secrets

The Black Eyed Peas have enjoyed some major success over the past few years. It seems as if everything they touch turns to gold, and much of this success undoubtedly has to do with front woman Fergie. Say what you want about the woman, but at 35, she's got a figure that would make most women jealous (and maybe afraid!). Despite the not-so-subtle 'help' she's had in some departments, her toned abs, arms and legs are undeniably the result of hard work and healthy eating. But as we've seen with other examples of Hollywood stars, looking as great as Fergie definitely has it's drawbacks.

For us regular folks, looking good is only one part of the diet and exercise picture; most of us want (and need) to eat well and be active in order to maintain good health and prevent chronic illness at the same time. In Hollywood, health seems to be of little importance - you've got to make your mark while you can, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and be on your merry way. If you have to be a little 'crazy' or unhealthy in order to look amazing, it's a small sacrifice. Fergie is no exception to this rule.

This self-professed workout 'Madwoman' devotes countless hours to the gym, sculpting her physique, while at the same time tricking her mind to avoid foods that will derail her goals. For example, Fergie has confessed to making herself believe that French Fries are poison - totally off limits, and she only allows herself one bite - if any - of dessert. She savours every crumb of that bite and admits to looking 'like a freak' while doing it. What happened to moderation?

At least she's got the major points right - Fergie includes lean protein like egg whites or chicken breast, whole grains in toast or couscous, and healthy fats like flax seeds and avocadoes in addition to tons of fruits and veggies in all of her meals and snacks. With well-balanced meals and snacks packed with proper nutrition, it's no wonder she's able to resist unhealthy food, even if her restrictions are a little bit excessive! So there you have it - despite being a little bit of a 'freak' with her food, at least Fergie's got the basics down and so can you.