Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Naturally Thin' Author Bethenny Frankel Wasn't Always so Healthy

You may remember her as one of the stars of Bravo's hit series Real Housewives of New York City, but business- and health-savvy Bethenny Frankel has worked hard to separate herself from that image. She's now a best-selling author of cook books focused on healthy eating and weight loss, has her own series of fitness DVDs and is starting up a new TV series much different from her last. The thing is, Bethenny wasn't always such a health guru. Lucky for her, she's since learned a lot, and her past mistakes have led her on her current path to good health and success.

Just like the rest of us, it took time, trial and error for this healthy lifestyle powerhouse to find balance and make healthy living easy. Like many people, when it came to healthy eating, weight loss and physical fitness, Frankel used to get too caught up in the end result and make the mistake of setting goals that were too large, expecting results far too quickly. This led to cycles of starvation and deprivation, followed by binge eating, which is all so far from the philosophy of being healthy, and is the last thing that is going to make a person lose weight and keep it off! Frankel admits she used to "get drunk and binge on everything in the deli, and then do a juice fast or starve, then do it all over again,". Now, at 40, as a mother and wife, she knows better...presumably.

After gaining only 35 pounds in her pregnancy, and losing all but 5 in only 3 weeks, Frankel jokes about rumors of her "snorting diet pills" and says that everyone got so worked up for no reason, since she was healthy during, before and after her pregnancy. She credits her strong will and discipline for avoiding pregnancy binges, as well as her own Yoga DVDs for getting her body back in shape post-baby.

Being the author of diet books called Naturally Thin, and with a yoga DVD called Body by Bethenny, it shouldn't surprise anyone if simply taking her own advice is the reason why she looks so great! Frankel says she doesn't believe in diets, opting for healthy balance instead. She stays active by going for long walks, doing yoga 3 times a week and enjoying low-fat vegetarian dishes, which help keep her lean and trim. Now there's some sound advice we can follow.