Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oscar-Winning Actress Carey Mulligan Quits Dieting

Best known for her Oscar winning role in the film "An Education", Carey Mulligan has always been a slender, petite girl. Despite having a body that many women would envy, Mulligan's strategy was neither healthy nor enjoyable and she's finally put that method to rest.

Depriving herself of the joys of good food and a healthy diet, Mulligan used to be on a strict diet and once weighed a mere 112 pounds. According to Mulligan, she used to eat only "Weetabix for breakfast, soup for lunch and salad for dinner", and she used to say "'No, I will not have that glass of wine! Put that pizza away!' It was not fun." We bet.

Mulligan says that her weight has since fluctuated, with no negative impact on obtaining film roles or from anyone else for that matter, so she's come to the conclusion that, for her, being thin is not the key to success or happiness.

Now comfortable with her appearance, Mulligan added "I'm not going to restrict myself or make myself miserable...I finally came to the realization that [weight] doesn't matter...I think I went through a phase of not being comfortable with myself and now I am." Hopefully, other girls and women will be able to learn from her example and free themselves from the clutches of deprivation and misery. It's so unnecessary!