Monday, December 27, 2010

Rachel McAdams Ditches Diet During Holiday Season

Rachel McAdams has famously gotten into incredible shape for her last few movie roles. Most notably for her role in Sherlock Holmes, McAdams had to dress in itty-bitty corsets which were a struggle to squeeze in to. Thanks to a healthy diet and loads of exercise, McAdams has been able to maintain her svelte physique -- but as soon as the holidays hit, she just couldn't say no to Mom's home cooking.

Like most healthy women, McAdams can't resist a good family meal. To cap things, she works so hard all year round - not only on her films but also on her figure - that the holidays are truly a time to let go and enjoy all the indulgences that she normally sets off limits; all the rules go out the window and relaxation is key.

McAdams isn't going to feel sorry for herself for indulging this time of year because she's got a strong head on her shoulders and all the tools at her disposal to get right back in shape in the new year. She's not alone, either -- have you heard all the commercials for gym memberships on the radio lately? January is the busiest month for gym-goers and it's also when everyone jumps on to their post-holiday diets.

As long as we know what to do to undo the holiday "damage", we can rest worry free and get back on track once this is all over. According to McAdams, “I love to eat... Not every day is a holiday, you know?” And in my opinion, she is completely right!