Friday, January 7, 2011

Facebook is Helping Users Get Healthy

With our hectic lives and crazy schedules, it's understandably hard for Canadians to make time for appointments. We tend to visit the doctor or other health professionals only when things reach their breaking points because for many, quite frankly, health is not high on their to-do lists. Health is not something we can see, and we don't always know when things are broken until it's too late. So if we barely have time to see the doctor, and "no time" to go to the gym, how is one expected to keep in touch with their Nutritionist to help stay on track with their health and weight loss goals? Enter Facebook!

You don't actually have to be all that tech-savvy to have a Facebook account. As daunting as it may seem, it's only as complicated as Hotmail until you start adding the bells and whistles. This is why many health professionals are turning to social media to stay in touch with their clients with, for example, regular weigh-ins and the opportunity to have their questions answered. Asking an expert sure beats some Google results that might scare you into thinking you've got who-knows-what.

Research strongly supports the fact that having a solid support system keeping in touch with you and keeping tabs on your goals and accomplishments significantly increases your odds of success. It's not enough to simply go at it alone, as most of our willpower instantly melts away with one whiff of a freshly-baked-anything. Honestly.

See for yourself, there are so many groups you can join and if you're on any type of a diet, your service is sure to have a Facebook account or else they're in the stone age (check ours out here). So don't be shy, if you have questions, fire away. You may just get healthier and lose weight that much faster, far more consistently and for the long term! You can't beat that.