Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Diet or Be Dumped: Jessica Simpson's Ultimatum

Jessica Simpson's weight has been the butt of many jokes in the past couple of years. While it's true that she no longer looks like Daisy Duke, Jessica has spoken out about being comfortable with her weight, even chronicling her discovery of 'true beauty' on her latest reality show venture called "The Price of Beauty". But now, in preparation for her wedding to football player Eric Johnson, Jessica might have a lot more to lose than just her 'single lady' status. According to reports, Jessica has been handed an ultimatum by her future hubby: diet or we're done.

While a source close to the couple calls the story "complete B.S.", others are suggesting that Jessica's weight is tearing the couple apart. At just 5'3'', Jessica has reportedly tipped the scales at 150 lbs while her 6'3" future hubby is in the best shape of his life. Aside from this weighty issue, Johnson follows a vegan diet, while Jess, a thoroughbred Texan, is said to prefer margaritas, fried chicken and Mexican food. Jess was also said to have tried out the vegan lifestyle for a little while when they started dating, but that soon fell through.

Now it seems Jess might be making a greater effort to incorporate her future hubby's values into her own lifestyle. Jessica hosted a vegan Thanksgiving last year and tweeted that she was going to start taking some vegan cooking classes. If she goes through with it, this would certainly please her beau, who is an activist for the vegan diet and lifestyle and denounces animal cruelty. It might also help Jess meet her quota of fruits and veggies, in addition to adopting a plant-based diet. Not only will she be likely to boost her overall health this way, she may in fact lose a few pounds in the process as well, if that is what she wants to do!