Thursday, February 17, 2011

Skinny Pepsi Spokeswoman Sofia Vergara Doesn't Diet

With the launch of their questionably appropriate new can, loaded with social and cultural euphemisms (see our previous post), Pepsi has sure done a good job in choosing an appropriate spokeswoman to represent them. Gorgeous, talented, yet not rail-thin, Sofia Vergara is hitting the nail on the head to make up for Pepsi's faux-pas' or perhaps gain the forgiveness of those who feel that Pepsi had sent the wrong message with their 'tall, skinny' can.

Smart and confident, actress Sofia Vergara seems like she's got the whole package. She looks like she must work really hard to maintain her amazing figure, but to the surprise of many, she has admitted that she doesn't cook and she refuses to succumb to the exercise obsessed mindset that Hollywood stars are known for.

It seems surprising, then, that this curvy Colombian star would want to represent the new skinny Pepsi can. It seems against her beliefs and values, but perhaps she feels she owes Pepsi a little bit of her success. You see, she got her 'in' to Hollywood through a Pepsi ad when she was only 17. Now at nearly 40 (but could pass for 29), she's finally made her big break on the ABC sitcom 'Modern Family'.

In a recent interview with, the curvaceous star confessed "I can't wake up at four in the morning to exercise...If I have to be on the set at six, I work out on the weekends." Aha! So she does exercise, just not like a madwoman typical of many other actresses. Also surprising, her diet sounds like something off of the 'banned list' of many skinny starlets. "I don't cook at all," she said. "I always have these Colombian things shipped to me, arepas. You can put anything on top of them -- cheese, meat, butter, salt. I always have them in my refrigerator and when I really want to feed myself I go for them."

Take it however you will, but perhaps the point of choosing Vergara was to illustrate that looking and feeling great is all about balance, not excess. You can have that butter, salt, cheese and meat in healthy amounts, pair them with a diet soda to save a few calories, and exercise moderately a couple of times a week. Man, those PR people sure are clever.