Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Was Paula Deen Behind This? Donut Burger Served Up in Toronto Restaurant

One of the top food trends of 2010 was 'grotesque' monster meals. You know, the 'double down' sandwich, and other outrageous creations along those lines. Loaded with enough calories, fat and sodium to last you 3 days, Toronto's Thompson Hotel's 'Brunch Burger' is no different, and their creation looks like it was taken straight out of one of Paula Deen's cook books (No offense Paula - I love you, but you love your butter).

The burger was supposedly inspired by something that the executive chef, Robert Mills, saw on a recent trip to New York. The target market? The 'morning after' crowd; you know, you've got a hangover and you just want it all - sweet, salty, meaty, cheesy, eggy. Hence the term 'brunch burger'. Why not just mix breakfast, lunch and dessert all into one shiny, convenient, handheld bundle of grease? I'm really not joking when I say shiny.

In the absence of a bun, the shine is the result of the glaze on the two over sized Krispy Kreme-like donuts enclosing the contents of the sandwich. Containing a patty, egg, bacon and cheese, this burger is just a heart attack waiting to happen. Now, would you pay $12 for that?

All things considered, from a purely 'food' perspective, I'm not sure if this creation is meant to arouse laughter or disgust. Whatever one's motivation might be, eating this burger can't make you feel good, that's for sure, especially with a hangover. We could also look at this from a public health perspective. Should such a thing be allowed to be served? We've got such stringent rules on banning trans fats and we want to make menus transparent, so why even bother making something like this? It's not like people couldn't put this together on their own if they felt so inclined, but serving it is only going to make the people who order it sick. It's no wonder people are struggling with their weight and high blood pressure! What do you think?