Thursday, March 10, 2011

Could Being Healthy Ruin an Actor's Career?

As outrageous and backwards as it might seem that good health might jeopardize someone's career, Hollywood doesn't always work in rational ways (wait - does it ever?). Going from overweight to a healthy weight would normally be celebrated in the 'real world', or even if the actor was female, but Jonah Hill in particular is being slammed instead of praised for his recent weight loss success.

In recently losing over 30 lbs, actor Jonah Hill, best known for his comedic roles as the 'chubby guy' in films like 'Superbad' and 'Get Him to the Greek' looks noticeably thinner. His oftentimes dark sense of humor frequently revolved around issues of his weight, which perhaps added that something extra to his roles. The problem that has arisen now, critics argue, is that he was always somewhat typecast in roles as the 'funny chubby guy', and if that character no longer exists, what sorts of roles will he play? It's not a very nice take on the situation, I know.

Critics also claim that people like to laugh at chubby comedians - Jack Black is a classic example - and has based his entire career on playing this character. It is also claimed that the careers of those who have lost weight (and shed that persona), including Drew Carey and John Goodman, have suffered.

Nevertheless, we should all commend Mr. Hill on taking the necessary measures to improve his health! Since he is still pretty new to the industry, perhaps this change will propel him forward and allow him to graduate into new dynamic roles where he can shine for different reasons. We've never really had the opportunity to view other angles of Hill's acting portfolio and I suspect that we're in for a pleasant surprise.