Thursday, March 3, 2011

New TV Series Takes Weight Loss to Another Level

When it comes to weight loss reality shows, we've got a whole range to choose from. Do you want to lose 10 lbs in a few weeks ("Last 10 pounds"), or maybe you're graduating high school and want to transform your entire body and life in one summer before you hit college ("I used to be fat"). Perhaps competition is more your thing and you want to prove that you can lose the most weight compared to your rivals ("The biggest loser"). Well now, if you and your partner are both overweight and are looking to overhaul your bodies and lives before your wedding, there's a new show out there for you, appropriately titled "Shedding for the Wedding".

Hosted by Sara Rue, who you might recall from those Jenny Craig commercials, this new series takes two popular TV show categories - weight loss reality shows and wedding reality shows and, well, marries them. It goes like this: nine overweight couples compete for their dream wedding - whatever that might be - whether it's an eco-friendly wedding or a video-game themed one. Along the way, couples who win smaller challenges can score some wedding essentials like a gown, a cake and flowers. Couples can win these prizes by completing challenges like keeping their heart rate up or carrying a four-tiered cake over an obstacle course. The big prize, the dream wedding, goes to the couple that loses the most weight overall. The best part to me is that they actually have a registered dietitian on board along with a personal trainer and another 'health and fitness expert'.

According to Rue, who herself is engaged and has recently lost 50 lbs, "Wedding dresses are tough. They're not that flattering,...But in the end, a better motivator is that you're starting a life with somebody. I for one didn't want to start a life with somebody feeling sad or feeling like I was hiding. I wanted to be able to be really present. I hope that's what the contestants will realize."

It's true. Say what you will about this genre of TV shows, but at least it's getting couples healthy together, before they start a life and a family; this way they can set up healthy and positive diet and lifestyle habits that will last for the rest of their lives and will hopefully influence others along the way. The best part is they're doing it together. There's nothing quite like having the person you love the most right there along the way with you so that you can celebrate each other's successes!