Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NIM’s “Get Ready for Summer” Biggest Loser Challenge

You're invited to participate in NIM’s best contest yet!

Sign up for this challenge by Friday April 29th (by 4pm at the latest) and receive a 15% discount.

If you are serious about losing weight this challenge is sure to give you the support and motivation you need to reach your goal.

The kick off to this exciting event will be on Monday, May 2nd and the contest runs until Tuesday, May 31st. The winners will then be decided.

Don't miss out!


For every person who signs up for the challenge, NIM will donate 2 free days that will be split among the winners. The more contestants that sign up, the more free days will be added to the pot!

Contestants will be grouped into teams of 5 which will be announced on Monday, May 2nd. Friends and family are welcome to form their own teams.

Contestants must sign up for a 30 day program and can take a maximum of 2 days off for the duration of the challenge.


1. All 5 team members on the winning team that loses the largest combined % weight* on NIM during the month of May will receive a 20% discount on their next month’s renewal.

In addition, 20% of the free days added to the pot will be split among the members of the winning team.

Two grand prizes will be awarded as follows:

2. 40% of the free days in the pot to the individual on the winning team who achieves the largest % weight loss on NIM during the month of May.

3. 40% of the free days in the pot to the individual in the contest as a whole who achieves the largest % weight loss on NIM during the month of May, regardless of their team. If this is the same person as in point 2., the prize will be awarded to the second biggest loser.

Example: If 5 teams of 5 members sign up, that’s 50 free days. 20% will be given to the winning team, meaning 10 free days, or 2 free days to each person (plus a 20% discount on renewal). The remaining 80% (40 days) will be shared among the two grand prize winners, meaning each will take away 20 free days!

Why? So that, as a team, you can work together to stay motivated and have fun. You all have an incentive to stay on track!

Group pages will be set up here on NIM's Facebook page for all of the teams so that everyone can stay on track and see how the other teams are doing.

The Fine Print:

In order to determine the winners, weigh-ins will be completed at home, on the Monday of each week. The weight, in addition to a photo of the read out on scale must be sent in to NIM where it will be posted on the team member’s Facebook group page anonymously.

To be fair, before and after photos must be taken and sent to NIM on May 2nd and May 31st. NIM will not use or release these photos unless the individual is a winner. By sending your photos to NIM, you consent to these terms.

*% weight loss = (1-[final weight divided by starting weight])
o E.g. 1-[142.5/150] = 5% weight loss