Monday, March 14, 2011

Sweet Medicine: Better-For-You Chocolate

Could it be? We know that chocolate in small doses is quite possibly the sweetest medicine, but some lucky folks may soon have even more reason to snack on the food of the gods.

In a press release late last week, it was announced that Agostoni Chocolate, an Italian farm-to-bar producer of all natural premium chocolates, has joined forces with probiotic strain producer Ganeden Biotech, Inc., to launch a range of probiotic-enhanced Private Label chocolates to be sold as over the counter supplements.

This might be the most comprehensive definition of functional foods that I can think of - not only does chocolate nourish the soul, it also nourishes the body and now, even more so! Cocoa loaded with antioxidants, but this new chocolate would also boost the health of our digestive tracts with the addition of patented probiotics.

The individually wrapped chocolate 'supplements' offer a daily dose of high quality dark chocolate combined with the GanedenBC30® probiotic in a small 0.18 oz mini-disk format. The supplement comes in two levels of cocoa percentage in addition to a choice of organic or conventional ingredients. A serving of just two chocolates a day delivers a probiotic dose to boost digestive and immune health, all for a mere 50 calories. Really, what could be sweeter than that?

Now, the real questions is how can I get my hands on some of this?


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