Tuesday, April 5, 2011

J Lo Shares Her Post-Baby Body Struggles

With so many young celebrities having babies left and right, then immediately bouncing back to their pre-baby bodies (or better), non-famous new moms in the real world may have feel undue pressure to do the same for themselves. Realistically, however, most new moms simply don't have the time to devote to regular exercise or stressing over burning calories. In addition, following a structured diet is difficult with the amount of organization and planing that can be involved, not to mention worries about potentially harming the new baby if the "wrong" foods are consumed, or one's calories are too low when breastfeeding. Thankfully, one new celebrity mom has broken the mold and opened up about her "regular mom" struggles to maintain a fit physique post-baby.

Jennifer Lopez has always been known for her fit physique, probably more so than for her acting or singing abilities. She started off as a dancer, and has continued to keep her body in shape by regularly exercising. But after the birth of her twin babies who are now 3 years old, Jennifer says her body has never been the same. Well, maybe her body does look the same, but she says she has to work much harder to maintain her physique, meaning that her metabolism has changed following her pregnancy. This is a common phenomenon and is especially predominant in moms in their 30s or older.

Jennifer says she has never been a big eater, so she's lucky in that respect, but she also misses her naturally "concave" stomach, which she never had to pay attention to maintaining in the past. Nowadays, things have changed, and she's really had to amp up her game, focus on different exercises and pay more attention to what she eats. Interesting - these sound like the struggles of a normal person!

Even though I'm sure she has more help (and more access to help) than most people could ever dream of, J Lo's struggles highlight the fact that everyone's body is different and things do change following pregnancy. In real life, looking like a celebrity is impossible enough, not to mention adding a new baby into the mix! As any new mom can attest, the health and safety of the baby is of the utmost importance, so sometimes having a concave stomach is just not on the agenda for a little while and it's nothing to be disappointed over!