Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LeAnn Rimes to Defend Her Thin Physique through Diet, Exercise Videos

LeAnn Rimes has been making headlines quite frequently over the past year or so, but not thanks to her voice or musical talent. Last year, she was involved in a scandal surrounding an extra-marital affair, which culminated in a divorce and subsequent marriage to co-star Eddie Cibrian, but the latest headlines have been about her weight.

She's been in the limelight since she was just a youngster, and the world has watched Rimes grow up and become a woman. As is the case with all women's bodies, her body changed quite a bit and her weight fluctuated over the years, not surprisingly. The shocker came this past year when Rimes started looking quite a bit thinner than her previous physique in a rapid period of time, sparking rumors that she had developed an eating disorder. Rimes took to her twitter account and made other public announcements that she was just fine and her figure was thanks to hard work and discipline in the forms of diet and exercise. It seems that not too many people bought her story.

As a result, Rimes and her personal trainer are gearing up to create a series of videos that will be posted on Rimes' blog, demonstrating her workout routine and her dietary strategies. She currently tweets what she has eaten for certain meals and what sorts of exercises she has done as examples, or as 'evidence' for all of the speculators out there that she really does eat and exercise, but that doesn't really give doubters the kind of tangible evidence they're looking for. Perhaps in an effort to inspire others to get in shape the healthy way, to gain more viewership and popularity, or simply to defend her name, Rimes hopes that the videos will make a meaningful difference.

The videos will feature Rimes performing exercises like skipping rope, boxing, cables, strength training, lunges and squats. In terms of her diet, Rimes follows a natural, plant-based, Mediterranean-style diet. Hopefully she'll share some interesting recipes with us! The videos are scheduled to be posted on Rimes' blog in the coming month.