Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pistachios May be More Waistline-Friendly than Originally Thought

There has been a lot of buzz circulating around pistachios lately. There is little if any doubt that they are so healthy for us, and a great addition to a balanced diet, but they may be even better than we originally thought!

As with all nuts, the majority of calories found in pistachios comes from their fat content. Nuts are known to be high in healthy fats that are good for our hearts and circulatory systems, skin, nails and hair. However, if we eat too many of them, we start to pack on the pounds faster than you can say macadamia. For people living with chronic diseases, nuts are generally advised as part of a healthy eating plan, or nutrition prescription if you will, but again, too many and those healthy effects are negated.

However, there is some good news from the research front when it comes to pistachios and their fat content. It turns out that our bodies may not be able to completely absorb all the fat in pistachios which means they also contain fewer calories than originally thought! According to the results of new research, pistachios are probably the lowest calorie nuts around, with just 160 calories per 30 grams.

For nut lovers, regardless of whether or not they want to watch their waistlines, this means that they get all the satisfaction of their regular portion of nuts with a smaller impact on their caloric budget. Or, if you want to eat more than your regular portion of nuts, you'll have a lower risk of the negative health consequences of consuming too much fat each day. So don't hold back - do your health a favour and go nuts!