Friday, August 5, 2011

'Superman' Henry Cavill's Diet Revealed

Well, this certainly is the summer for superhero films, isn't it? From Ironman to Thor to X-men to Captain America, it seems we are constantly bombarded with images of men with perfectly chiseled physiques and superhumanly large muscles. But while it might seem that the bodies of the actors who play those roles seem to suit them perfectly, as if they had always been that way, they worked unusually hard to earn those physiques. You can also bet that keeping them will pose an even greater challenge. Now, actor Henry Cavill is opening up about the diet and exercise challenges he faced in order to play the man of steel himself, Superman.

The name Superman says it all. What man wouldn't want to have a physique like the man of steel? In addition, I think most women would agree that it certainly wouldn't hurt to find a man with a body like that. The trouble is, in order to achieve a physique like that, one has to devote nearly ridiculous amounts of time to exercising, all the while paying meticulous attention to their diets. Can you say deprivation?

In his own words, Cavill said "You’ve got to eat protein first, then a little bit ofcarbs…you’ve gotta keep your hunger levels going. I’m training two and a half hours a day, pushing my body beyond its normal limits, putting on a lot of muscle mass and just making myself look like Superman.”

You may recognize Cavill from his role as Charles Brandon on the TV series The Tudors, where he already had a physique fit for wielding swords and wearing heavy medieval armor. Now, in order to look the part of Superman, Cavill is on a 5,000 calorie per day diet which is necessary to support all of the exercise and muscle building he's doing.

Cavill is thrilled to finally have gotten his big break, so we're not likely to hear him complain about his new regimen, unlike so many other actors who went through the same thing. Thor actor Chris Hemsworth put on 20 pounds by, in his own words "purely eating, eating, eating, working out and working out". He was eating insane amounts of protein, including chicken breasts and protein shakes, which he called "sickly stuff". Once he stopped all that eating, he shrunk down by a whopping 15 pounds! And if we recall, for his role in the film the A Team, Bradley Cooper confessed to making 'sandwiches' out of grapes sliced in half, filled with an almond to satisfy his cravings.

Perhaps in the world of cinema, where an actor's (or actresses) image is what earns them a living and sells products, it is "normal" to expect near perfection from them. They've got trainers, dietitians, image consultants, photoshop and most importantly time on their side to help with that. The rest of us, with regular jobs and busy lives, shouldn't be expected to look that way, and we can't hold ourselves to any lower of a standard if we don't! Being healthy and disease-free is what matters the most. Simply following a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly is all it takes for most people to look and more importantly feel good. So unless you really love chicken, leave the insanely large physiques to the actors, models and bodybuilders!