Monday, September 5, 2011

Eat Ginger to Fight Prostate Cancer

Ginger tends to be one of those common foods that you either love or you hate. You might use it regularly in your cooking or maybe just enjoy a little to cleanse your palate while eating sushi. You might even avoid it like the plague all together. Its aromatic flavour has been described as sweet, pungent, slightly lemony, peppery and spicy but the bold flavour of ginger is unmistakable. No matter what your opinion of ginger happens to be, you might want to start noshing on it just a little bit more if you want to help keep cancer at bay.

Ginger is an ancient remedy, commonly appearing in Chinese medicine, for boosting health and fighting off all kinds of ailments. Its reported benefits include soothing gastrointestinal upsets like nausea, which is why ginger ale is commonly prescribed as a remedy for upset stomachs. Recent discoveries have found that ginger has potent anti-inflammatory effects thanks to the gingerols it contains, and those gingerol compounds are also responsible for its recently discovered anti-cancer effects.

Not only has ginger been linked to lower rates of colorectal cancer, but new research has found that it may combat prostate cancer as well. Researchers from Georgia State University have found that consuming about 100g of whole ginger throughout the day might offer a big enough burst of a particular ginger extract that has been found to kill cancer cells. The researchers believe that consuming ginger in its whole, unprocessed form allows for synergistic results of the plant with our body environments with fewer side-effects.

The things we put into our bodies, no matter what they are, have the power to create or prevent disease. Sure, everyone has their own specific body environments and genetic makeup that interacts in a unique way with the atoms and molecules they introduce into their systems, but by and large, things tend to affect us in predictable ways. If you eat unhealthy foods too often, drink too much alcohol or smoke, you are more than likely to find that disease has come knocking on your door. Do the opposite - eat healthy and stay physically active, and you are likely to be in good health for a long time. It should come as no surprise then, that consuming certain foods, particularly those heralded as super foods like ginger can help us boost our odds of keeping illness at bay.

Try adding a little ginger to your next salad, stir fry or even as a tea (slice ginger and top with boiling water) to enjoy the amazing flavours and health benefits it has to offer. Tip: for easy peeling, just scrape the root with a spoon, but it is just fine to leave the peel on.