Friday, September 2, 2011

Marky Mark Wahlberg Cares about Your Health

Mark Wahlberg has been breaking hearts with his incredibly fit physique for a decades now. His unforgettable and iconic ads for Calvin Klein back in his prime inspired boys and men all over to try to achieve an 8 pack like his. Now into his 40s, he continues to maintain his fit form, appearing in films like 'The Fighter', where he played a champion boxer. But Mark isn't selfish - he doesn't just place his focus on his own fit form. On the contrary, he's now on a mission to encourage others to get in shape, although it's probably not what you think - he's considering giving fashion design a shot!

Wahlberg has always placed a great deal of emphasis on health and fitness, and he's hoping that by adding his name to a new fitness clothing line, he can get people to work up a sweat, feel great and get healthy. The potential clothing line would be part of a new 'wellness business' that he is considering launching.

In a recent interview, Wahlberg was quoted as saying "We are interested at some point or another doing our own clothing line in the future. As well as a health and wellness business that will help people first and foremost feel good, exercise, eat right, and then look good." He went on to add that "Eighty-five per cent of the population doesn't exercise and eat right, and you want to be able to push them in the direction of extending their lifespan and living healthy lives.' How considerate of him!

Along with his brothers Donnie and Paul, Mark is also planning to open a burger joint in Chicago, appropriately called Wahlbergers. Could this 'wellness business' be a response to feeling badly about offering the already disproportionately obese and overweight population another outlet to obtain high-calorie foods? Who really knows, but it's definitely something we look forward to hearing more about! Any Marky Mark news - I mean health and wellness news - is good news, right?