Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wine in Moderation May Do Your Bones Some Good

Just in time for the weekend, when a glass of wine sounds about right, we've got some good news about it from the Nutrition front.

In the study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, over 1000 pairs of twin, post-menopausal women had their diets and wine intakes analyzed paired with the analysis of their bone mineral densities. It turned out that moderate wine drinking was associated with higher bone density in the spine and hip bones compared to non-drinkers.

Many of us know that for healthy individuals with no known heart problems, a bit of wine in moderation is good for their health. As a key part of the Mediterranean diet - one of the healthiest ways of eating known today - a little bit of wine can help reduce blood pressure, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events like strokes, help manage cholesterol levels, keep some types of cancer at bay, help with weight management and other amazing feats. The main reason for these effects is an antioxidant called 'Reservatrol' that prevents the oxidation of cells in the body, which, if left unchecked, can potentially be disastrous.

While small amounts of wine (1-2 5oz glasses per day) can be very beneficial health-wise, exceeding this amount on a regular basis is a very bad idea. Alcohol is effectively a toxin, which explains why it makes us tipsy or intoxicated, so if we have too much too often, the cells throughout our bodies start to get damaged, from our brains to our bones.

There is plenty of evidence to support that excessive wine drinking is bad for bone health, leading to the deterioration of bone density and destruction of our bones. No amount of wine is worth brittle, frail bones! However, if we take care to enjoy our vino in moderate amounts, not only can we do our bodies some good, we can actually help boost bone density. Now there's something to raise your glass to! Cheers!