Friday, March 16, 2012

Are Organic Foods Worth the Cost?

Seeing as how tomorrow is the day we paint the town Green (St. Patty's Day), today's myth-busting topic is a little green too.

Eating natural, unrefined, unprocessed foods straight from the Earth has become very popular over the past decade. As a result, many folks believe that choosing organic products will make them and their families healthier or better off than by choosing conventional products. The argument sounds fair, but what's the real deal?

MYTH 1: Organic foods are the safest and healthiest choice for you.

THE TRUTH: Both organic and non-organic foods are nutritious and safe to eat when you’re making healthy choices based on Canada’s Food Guide. Many factors affect a food’s nutritional value, such as where and how it was grown, stored, shipped and even how it was cooked. So organic foods may have more, about the same, or less nutrients than non-organic foods. And both organic and non-organic foods are grown and produced under strict regulations to make sure they are safe for you to eat. Like any food purchase, buying organic food is a personal choice.

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