Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sugar, Sugar or Sugar? It's All the Same to Your Body!

Are you ready for some more nutrition myth busting? Here's one that dietitians (and I'm sure you) hear all the time...

MYTH 30: Honey, brown sugar and agave syrup are better for you than white sugar.

So what's THE TRUTH? Nutritionally speaking, they are all pretty much the same. While some people consider brown sugar, honey or agave syrup to be more natural, they are still sugars. All are concentrated sources of calories with very few other nutrients. Your body can’t tell the difference between them and white sugar. In fact, your body handles naturally occurring sugar in food or processed sugars and syrups in the same way. Excess sugar in any form gives you extra calories. Whether you choose to use honey, brown sugar, agave syrup or white sugar, use small amounts.