Wednesday, November 21, 2012

NIM on Instagram!

Hi Everyone!
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our first NIM instagram! 

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Coffee Question

A very common question we get asked here at NIM is "can I still drink my daily coffee while on the NIM Diet?"

The simple answer is yes.

The complicated answer is yes, but...

You should keep it as basic as possible. Here`s what we suggest;

1 - 2 cups (by cup we mean an 8oz coffee mug, not a venti!) of caffeinated coffee per day.

If you must sweeten your coffee, keep your sweetener as natural as possible; try honey or raw cane sugar. If you dislike your coffee black, add max 1 tablespoon of your usual milk add-in. If you typically add creme or half and half, try substituting in milk instead. Or, give a nut milk such as almond milk a try! Just be sure to stick to what NIM does best: portion control! 

If this is a big decrease from your regular coffee consumption, and you feel that you need to be consistently drinking something through out your day, try tea. Switching over to tea is a healthy way to intake caffeine in low to moderate levels. Plus, it has tons of amazing benefits; tea helps keep you hydratedincreases your metabolism, and strengthens your immune defenses! 

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