Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heart Health: Get Your Blood Pumping with NIM!

Did you know that the NIM Diet aligns directly with what the Mayo Clinic suggests to “kick start your way towards a heart-healthy diet”? Look how well NIM checks off on the 8 strategies the Mayo Clinic lists!

1. Control your portion size
This is the key to the NIM Diet. NIM focuses on well balanced, perfectly portioned meals that will maximize your weight loss efforts. We ensure you are eating all the nutrients you need and nothing your body doesn't need.
2. Eat more vegetables and fruits
You know you can count on NIM for a delicious salad! All of our entres sides are vegetable based to ensure you’re getting generous portions of veggies daily.

3. Select whole grains

NIM believes you should only have healthy carbohydrates in your diet. Whole grains, rice and potatoes options are included in our Phase 2 program, and of course we always keep these balanced in portion to the other wonderful ingredients in your meals.  

4. Limit Unhealthy Fats and Cholesterol
NIM uses oil instead of butter whenever possible. And to ensure you’re getting those "healthy" fats in your diet NIM offers a wide variety of nut, seed and granola-based snack options.

5. Choose low-fat protein sources
NIM sticks to lean cuts of meat from the best quality meat and fish suppliers in the city. You’ll notice on the majority of days we'll always have a meat, chicken and fish option as well as vegetarian choice for all meals.

 6. Reduce the sodium in your diet
NIM meals are based on all-natural, fresh ingredients, making the NIM diet naturally low in sodium. We rarely add salt to dishes.

7. Plan ahead: Create daily menus 
NIM does all the planning for you! By means of online ordering and meal selection clients can simply log-on, select their meals, and when the meals arrive, they're ready to go. We provide you with a printed menu and labelled items in every delivery so you can simply grab and go at meal time! 

8. Allow yourself the occasional treat
NIM doesn’t believe you can’t indulge! When you’re on our full meal plan we provide you with desert everyday – yes, every single day! When it’s made from natural ingredients, is portion controlled, balanced and stays within your calorie range we believe that you should be able to diet
 and enjoy your sweets!

As you can see, NIM really is a heart healthy diet choice! We believe in helping you live your best life by thriving off the most nutritious and natural foods.

You can read the full Mayo Clinic article here: